Baileigh sheet metal brakes

Focusing on a high quality selection of baileigh brake available on sale this week. ... Baileigh Bb-4816m Magnetic Sheet Metal Brake 16 Gauge. $2,745.00.

Box Brake BB-4814. The BB-4814 box and pan brake is a great value for any shop looking for a heavy duty 4ft sheet metal brake. Designed to be an economic alternative to our 12 gauge sheet metal line of finger brakes, the BB-4814 boasts an impressive 14 gauge mild steel maximum capacity.

Aug 31, 2017 · Amazing BB-4816M Magnetic Box and Pan Brake This month Baileigh Industrial is highlighting the BB-4816M magnetic box and pan brake. This quality magnetic sheet metal brake uses a powerful magnet to hold the material to the bed as the leaf creates the desired bend. The BB-4816M magnetic box and pan brake is truly a breakthrough from the limits of traditional metal brakes. It is the perfect folding machine for HVAC shops, industrial art shops, and general sheet metal fabrication shops. For further information on this unique sheet metal brake, please contact Baileigh Industrial today. ( Brand: Baileigh Industrial ), ( Manufacturer Part Number: BB-4816E ), ( Part Type: Baileigh Industrial BB-4816 Sheet Metal Brake ) Review (mpn: bb-4816e for sale) BB-4816E Baileigh Industrial Bb-4816 Sheet Metal Brake. In most cases, the driver will not remove item from truck, so please be aware you need equipment to do this. The BB-4810H hydraulic finger brake has a programmable bend adjustment making reproducing bends easy on this hydraulic sheet metal brake. Another nice feature of the BB-4810H, like all the Baileigh Industrial box and pan brakes, is that the bending apron is removable allowing the operator to get closer between bends.

BAILEIGH Manual Mini Shear/Brake Combo SB-8 This small metal shear is a manual press brake shear combo perfect for small arts and crafts projects where a bigger machine wouldn’t be as efficient. The SB-8 packs high value into a compact design. Baileigh Industrial BB-4816E Sheet Metal Brake. The Baileigh BB-4816E sheet metal brake is a great machine for the sheet metal fabricator who is a hobbyist, light fabricator, or local educational institution. This brake is perfect for fabricators on a budget, but do not what to sacrifice quality in the bend just because of the lower price. This box and pan brake has 26-6" fingers assorted in different sizes so the fabricator can adjust them for different box and pan applications. This hydraulic sheet metal brake allows the operator to dial in a programmed bend when the machine is used in the manual or semi-automatic mode.