Ib unit reflection sheet elementary

Directions: Provide students with an opportunity for reflection by answering the following questions. Student Name: Date: Circle the response that most closely relates to how you feel. 1. How was your time management today? Good So-So Bad 2. How was your effort today? Good So-So Bad 3.

Williamsburg Collegiate Student Assessment Reflection Template, Page 2 To prepare for our next unit, we want to help you find out a little more about yourself, your test taking style and how you can SHINE on assessments. eyes detect the reflected beams, you can see a reflection on the surface. Diffuse Reflection: occurs when light beams reflect of many different angles. You can’t see a reflection because not all of the reflected light is directed toward your eyes. Students need to be able to explain the Law of Reflection.

a PYP Attitude reflection sheet a student/teacher selected piece from unit (if appropriate) additional connections from each unit added when appropriate Student portfolios are available at any time to any student, teacher, staff member, authorized visitor, or parents for viewing Reflection Questions as Feedback. Mr. Barton is a 4th-grade teacher who often uses feedback reflection questions with his students to get their take on his own teaching. When his students do group ... reflection (figure 5). In mirror reflection these angles are equal. We can predict where the incident light ray will go after reflection. Diffuse reflection also follows this rule, but due to the roughness of the surface, the light rays are reflected in all directions (Figure 2b). Figure 4: Example of mirror reflection from the disco ball and Unit Objectives: • Students will learn about themselves and what is important to them by looking at heroes. • Students will explore current events and roles heroes are playing in society. • Students will look back on their own lives and show appreciation for a hero from their past.

Information Sheet IB Learner Profile Self Assessment Grades Reflection Forms (one per year) 8th Grade Reflection Form 2. Community & Service Community & Service Activity Log (1 per year) Work samples (1-2 samples each year with reflection forms) Artifacts and/or photographs from C&S activities 3.